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About Us

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Who are we?
We are the NCGB. We're a raiding guild focusing on serious progression while maintaining a schedule that allows us to keep our sanity. We're a tight-knit group that's been regularly active and raiding since vanilla. We are a driven group of individuals that want to make the most of our time raiding.

We've currently cleared Heroic EN and Normal ToV, and are fleshing out a team for Mythic EN. We're recruiting for ranged / melee DPS, and a couple healers. Our raid schedule is Wednesdays 7:00pm to 9:00pm server, and Saturdays 7:00pm to 11:00pm server.

What can we offer you?
A mature and friendly atmosphere
A consistent and not-overwhelming raid schedule
Competent and focused teammates
A healthy guild economic standing that supports our raiding environment (guild repairs, flasks, etc..)

What do we expect from you?
You are mature and friendly
You can consistently attend raids
You are competent about your class, focused during raids, and dedicated to progression content

Interested? Make an account, then head over to the application forums and submit an application there.

If you have any questions you can contact us here, or contact the following folks in game or via battlenet:
Twistedfista // Lombo#1678
Hps // mewp#1872
Glaives // AlphaLemming#1119
Higgybaby // DoctorDoctor#1612
Dalcent // Dalcent#1898
aka: Hps, Meuep

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